To restore educational outcomes.


We, in the ||Kharas Education Directorate,

Envisage a ||Kharas Region by 2015 in which the unique potential of every learner is realized. We acknowledge the socio-economic challenges that cause disparity and  are committed to address those challenges continuously. We are committed to equip and support every role player to fulfill her/his role passionately. We commit to ensure that the education system instills the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to empower all learners to be productive citizens and alive with an attitude of hope. 




Every staff member will demonstrate commitment to the objectives of the  Government of the Republic of Namibia in providing accessible, equitable and quality education for all. Such commitment will provide the foundation for continuous improvement of activities within the Ministry of Education, particularly those in the ||Kharas Region



Teamwork will be modus operandi for achieving the strategic objectives of the ||Kharas Regional Council as this is the most important and effective way of working. Teamwork will be an important tool in every institution.



Every staff member should ensure that there is regular communication and consultation with those who use our services and those with whom we work. Views and opinions of all stakeholders should at all times be valued and respected. Communication should be straightforward and in an open manner which is readily understandable.



Institutions and individuals will exercise high levels of professionalism, never compromising the values and standards of the ||Kharas Regional Council and the Ministry of Education. Staff members will use their competencies and skills continuously in seeking opportunities to improve through innovative approaches. Sharing knowledge of best practices with colleagues at all levels, and in enhancing the quality of our services will be a practical expression of professionalism.



Working collaboratively and fairly in unison with the common goal of serving the customers / stakeholders